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By the midth century there were concerns that the language was dying out. Major initiatives launched from the s have brought about a revival of te reo.

There were regional variations that probably widened because local populations were relatively isolated. Professor Samuel Lee of Cambridge University worked with the chief Hongi Hika and his junior relative Waikato to systematise the written language in In the mids Sir James Henare recalled being sent into the bush to cut a piece of pirita supplejack vine with which he was struck for speaking te reo in the school grounds.

More importantly, it was still the language of the home, where parents passed it on to their children. All living languages are influenced by the other languages their speakers hear.

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori - Māori Language Week

English was the language of urban New Zealand — at work, in school and in leisure activities. Many were targeted at young people and the education system. But there was some controversy.

When her supervisor insisted that she use only formal English greetings, Glavish refused and was demoted. The issue sparked widespread public debate.

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The Waitangi Tribunal found in favour of the claimants and recommended a number of legislative and policy remedies. There are now many institutions, most set up since the s, working to recover te reo. Can you tell us more about the information on this page? Perhaps you have a related experience you would like to share?

Comments will be reviewed prior to posting. Not all comments posted. Tell me more Kia ora. I am one of the few baby boomers left, born after the second world war, as l see so many of my school friends, work college's, rugby mates, army buddies fall away.

Reading many archive literature in the army museum, I found that the Germans could not break the military maori code, which they used when they sent top secret messages to each other, by army radio proceedures. This was a huge advantage to the maori battalion, that could act on orders immediately, catching the Germans out many a time by their surprise attacks. BUT the maori battalion could act immediately.

The sad thing was, not one of these boys could speak tereo maori. We were not allowed. But the parents did. By the sixties, we all noticed that the maori language was dying big time. We were saying the English WAY of sounding maori names for our towns.

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  • Rotarua- wakatany, Tokarowa, koetoemaoree, Wongaray. This really upset my dad. During the colonization, the post office tried so hard to change all maori town sounding names to english names.

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    South island lost a lot of names, but north island kept a lot of theirs. My point With all the good they did during WW11, The language very nearly died. I have many stories of maoriudum growing up, from school Days, fathers blaming the government for taking away the maori battalion, pakiha girl friend, school teachers, sports team, socializing, school dance, seats at the movies, local swimming pools.

    I sit in a class every Tues night with mixed nationalities, mostly pakeha, interacting with all, something I could not do in my school Days, I never did feel special, or unique at school growing up.

    I would like to finish with my story. While serving with the NZ battalion in Singapore, where we were stationed. I was part of that cultural group that went to Scotland. What marvellous ambassadors we were for N.

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    We had left a huge impact on the people of Scotland, as was written in the local papers. Thank you. Who was specifically responsible for giving the Maori a written language? I don't believe missionaries would have the expertise. This page has an error in it. English is actually not an official language of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

    Parata kittuwa adelgazar muldoon song quotes

    The flowering of the reo from the s on began and succeeded because of the preparation of the seedbed and planting of the seeds that began in earnest the s.

    His Department included many tangata rongonui who he recruited to come and work there in the team and in the National Maori Education Advisory Committee.

    Alan a Pakeha with a Maori whanau understood the urgent need for action but was very constrained by the institutionally racism of the Department of Education and politicians of the time McCaffery PhD draft material These Department of Education reviews were followed by the introduction of the teaching of Maori as a timetabled subject in a few Secondary schools.

    However these developments were all led by adult speakers from strong rural tribal areas whose parents were by and large still native speakers of the language. It was this group that felt the loss, expressed their concerns publically and determined to rise up and do something about it …and it is the mobilisation and determination of these groups of young people who used the Te Wa o Te Reo Maori Te Ra me Te Wiki as the mobilising focus for the revival movement… Tihei mauri ora!

    Their significance has long been shrouded in mist as no one has yet published an insider history of this time other than from Nga Tamatoa's perspective. The following is a brief introduction on a broader perspective. Here is one part of my view on the Wiki o Te Reo from my own experiences. I do not portray it as the views of all TRM members and the mistakes and memory errors are my own. He tono Please acknowledge the source of this information when it is used in your work and stories as it belongs to TRM.

    The te reo Maori Petition to Parliament in the name of Hannah nee Te Hemara Jackson was a jointly supported partnership by both Nga Tamatoa primarily in Auckland though it had an Wellington branch. Te Reo Maori decided this would be a good time to expand it to a full week so in the first Te Wa o Te Reo Maori was held still organised and run by te Reo Maori but now in partnership with the Department of Education- 40 years this week Some of us however now believe te Wiki o te Reo should be moved back to September so the day of the 14th falls during the week itself.

    Page 2 – History of the Māori language

    This work has continued to the present day. It still lacked national official language status however and was considered as a well meaning, but still inadequate token gesture as it proved to lack any legal rights for Maori or make any legal obligations on Government.

    However the Government, the Ministry of Education, and the NZEI all sought to restrain these developments preventing the now urgent expansion that would be needed to save the language from intergenerational extinction.

    Consequently relations with the Department of Education grew more and more strained and Te Reo Maori and the Maori Grads expanded their research and political activities in support of these bilingual immersion developments.

    The second strand of Te Reo Maori's work from the beginning was on broadcasting led by chairpersons Whaimutu Dewes and Rawiri Rangitauira. This resulted in submissions with a coalition of Maori organisations for a Maori radio station to the new Committee on Broadcasting which produced their report known as the Adams Report Their recommendations for a station were rejected by Government and instead Te Reo o Aotearoa as part of Radio NZ was established in Te Reo Maori Society again petitioned parliament with a Broadcasting petition but it was not until the mid s that action on Maori radio happened.

    The Hui Taumata and the reported lodging of the Waitangi Tribunal Language Claim along with the formation of The Maori Broadcasters Association in and a Royal Commission on Broadcasting in finally forced Government into supporting the establishment of Maori radio.

    These early struggles in which every minute was hard won set the agenda and the battle lines for the Maori Radio and TV struggle to come. A history of broadcasting in New Zealand. Day, Patrick. Whaimutu Dewes and wife Judy went to Tamaki Makaurau. The frustration over the lack of action and support for the Maori Broadcasting and the Kohanga Reo follow on primary programmes for bilingual education along with the Courts denial of Dun Mihaka's right to use te reo in his own defence, led us all to believe that the language needed national status as a Official National Language to achieve the next stages of its revival.

    Consequently all efforts for some time went in to this goal. This local authority support spread and did put extra pressure on Govt. When the Waitangi Tribunal reported in and ruled that the education system was being operated in breach of the Treaty the new Labour government moved quickly, perhaps too quickly, to finally grant official status to the language, set up the Maori Language Commission.

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    We say too quickly because the Bill entered Parliament before the Waitangi Tribunal Report and the Bill did not contain all the recommendations of the Tribunal on measures that needed to be taken on the Official Language establishment.

    Missing in particular was the requirement for all Government Departments, not just the courts, to train all public servants in te reo and be able to also operate all their functions in te reo , at least to allow citizens to interact with Govt Departments in te reo Maori.

    The outcome we did get was a limited special funding allowance for public servants to learn and use te reo. Even in the new replacement Maori language Bill these numerous omissions have not been rectified and this is disappointing indeed. KKM established as fully funded state schools under a new section, Special character provisions only by the Education Act. No reira koia nei etahi pito pito korero e pa an ki te timatanga o te Wiki o te Reo Maori e tu mai nei te wiki, ia July ia Tau.

    Ka maumahara hoki matou i a Rawiri Rangitauira o matou rangatira nana in mate i tenei ra te 27th i tera atu tau Haere ra e te rangatira i ki te huinga o te kahurangi , oti atu..

    Kei te mohio hoki ahau kua warewaretia e au etahi atu taniwha e awhina nei, e whawhai nei i te kaupapa i tera wa- Aroha mai. Me email koe ki matou kia whaktikatika aku korerorero.

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    Otira Nga mihi nui ki a koutou e nga uri whakatipu i enei ra John McCaffery j. Ko te kaupapa o taua kauhau, ko te wiki whakanui i te Reo Rangatira i te tau Diamond dia. The following is a brief introduction.

    To me there is no one History there are only histories that represent our personal views of events from our own perspectives. Even in the new replacement Maori language Bill these numersous omissions have not been rectified. Skip to main content. Language figures In , Visit to kohanga reo. Hoani Waititi teaching te reo. Previous: Page 1. Next: Page 3.